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The Borghese Gallery masterpieces you cannot miss

David with a Head of a Goliath

David with the Head of Goliath (Interesting Facts & Tickets)

This scary looking painting - entitled David with the Head of Goliath - is a famous work of art by the legend Caravaggio. If you are thinking about visiting this artwork on a trip to the Borghese Gallery, then read this guide beforehand so you can get the most out of your time! The Short [...]

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David by Bernini guide

David by Bernini Artist Analysis, Meaning & History Facts

David by Bernini is a classic, life-size sculpture of the hero David from the story of David and Goliath. Depicted using his famous sling, it is housed in the Galleria Borghese in Rome and offers a different interpretation of the character than other historical statues. About the Artist Bernini Gian Lorenzo Bernini was born in [...]

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Borghese Gallery Artworks guide

Borghese Gallery Artworks: Caravaggio, Bernini’s Artworks & More

The Borghese Gallery certainly packs a punch! There is so much to see under one roof. To help get your bearings, here are some Borghese Gallery artworks you definitely must lay eyes on during your visit. That means, if you have to skip the rest, you have at least covered the top gems that this [...]

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Young Woman with Unicorn Borghese Gallery Rome

Young Woman with Unicorn: History Facts, Author & Meaning Behind

Created very early in the 16th century - around 1505 – Raphael’s Young Woman With Unicorn has a pretty interesting backstory. At first glance, however, the only interesting thing about it may be that the woman in the painting is holding a cute little unicorn. But did you know that the unicorn was “magically” revealed [...]

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The rape of Prosperina

The Rape of Proserpina: All About Bernini’s Masterpiece

The famous Rape of Proserpina statue was created by a young Bernini – at the age of just 23! It depicts Proserpina – a Roman goddess often associated with freedom – being kidnapped and carried off the underworld in the arms of Pluto. The sculpture is one of many great works on display at the [...]

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La Fornarina Raphael painting

La Fornarina by Raphael – The Portrait of a Young Woman – Full Analysis

The Raphael painting La Fornarina is an early 16th century oil painting that is on display in the Barberini Palace in Rome. Known for being one of the last of Raphael’s paintings, the La Fornarina portrait of a young woman is generally thought to be of a local baker’s daughter. Her name was said to [...]

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Sacred and Profane Love painting

Sacred and Profane Love: Secret Meaning Behind The Painting

Titan’s 16th century painting Amor Sacro e Amor Profano - in English “Sacred and Profane Love Painting by Titian” has a long disputed meaning. Even the title itself is not necessarily believed to be the original dreamed up by TItian! Let’s find out more about it so you can impress your friends when you visit [...]

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Basket of Fruit Caravaggio painting

The Basket of Fruit Caravaggio Painting Analysis & Facts

Basket of Fruit Caravaggio is another piece of art by Caravaggio that features fruit. It is one of the most famous fruit bowl paintings in European art history. It is also an early example of this type of painting, and is unique in that it is painted at the level of the table. Normally, still [...]

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The boy with a basket of fruit caravaggio

Caravaggio Boy With a Basket of Fruit: Meaning Tickets & Hours

Credited as being one of Caravaggio’s early works, the Caravaggio boy with fruit painting is thought to date to around 1593 to 1595. It is believed it was painted just after the young artists move to Rome from Milan. His sponsors at the time were the brothers Bernardino Cesari and Cavalier d’Arpino. The Caravaggio Boy [...]

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The painting Young Sick Bacchus

Painting of Young Sick Bacchus: Meaning & Analysis

Hanging in the Galleria Borghese, the painting of young sick Bacchus was completed in 1594. It is said to have been painted by Caravaggio during his convalescence from illness after he had moved from Milan to Rome. Let’s explore more of the story in this article. About the famous painter Caravaggio Born in Milan in [...]

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