How to plan your day visiting the Borghese Park

Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome

All about La Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome

La Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna is a spectacular collection of modern art in Rome. It came into existence in 1883, just after the creation of the Italian state. It was originally housed in the Palace of Exhibitions. The exhibitions focus on art from the 19th century onwards. Updated situation - CORONAVIRUS The Contemporary Art Museum [...]

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Apollo and Daphne story

Apollo and Daphne: All about the Story & Sculpture

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Villa Torlonia in Rome

Villa Torlonia Museum: All about Mussolini House in Rome

The beautiful Villa Torlonia and its annex the Casina Delle Civette is a lesser known but no less impressive Rome attraction. Located a short walk from the Villa Borghese, the lush grounds alone are a reason to visit. The Villa gets its name from the Torlonia family - a wealthy family who had made their [...]

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Macro Rome Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome: All about Macro Rome

If you’re in Rome for any extended period of time, you might decide you want a break from ancient Roman art. There are a couple of options in Rome for modern art, including the MAXXI Rome, and the subject of this article - the MACRO Rome The Museum of Modern Art in Rome is - [...]

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Villa Giulia Museum

Villa Giulia in Rome History, Events, Map & Tickets

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Piazza del Popolo in Rome

Piazza del Popolo Rome: Hotels to Stay & Top Attractions

This huge Piazza del Popolo square can be found just inside the Aurelian Walls of Rome. It means “People’s Square” but actually got the name from the poplar trees that are found in the square. Others say it was because it was paid for by the money of the Roman people. Known for being one [...]

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Temple of Asclepius Rome

Asclepius Temple in Rome – Villa Borghese Visiting Tips

The Temple of Asclepius Rome is the beauty of the world. It tends to attract the tourist by its dazzling beauty. It might be true that this place is exotic but the Temple of Asclepius is worth seeing. The Villa Borghese Park is free to enter. So visiting the Temple of Asclepius don’t require a [...]

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Casina Valadier daylight

Casina Valadier Restaurant Rome to chill out at Sunset

Casina Valadier Restaurant in Rome is one of the fine dining that sparkles the evening. The beautiful design shady terrace presents the grand view of the whole city. The most desirable Italian dining that shows the full montage of city rooftops. The place is perfect for every kind of business meeting, marriages, lunches, events, and [...]

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visit borghese gardens

Visit Borghese Gardens: organize your day to avoid getting lost

The Villa Borghese Gardens is more than just a public park. It’s filled with attractions dotted over 80 hectares on Rome’s Pincian Hill. The most-visited attraction is the Borghese Gallery, but there are many more museums and even cinemas and a zoo within the park’s borders. With many different paths and even streets crisscrossing the [...]

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best bars near villa borghese

Where to have a Drink in the Best Bars near Villa Borghese?

Traipsing around the Villa Borghese at the height of summer can have even the most intrepid traveller craving a cool drink. On the other hand, perhaps you are just fed up of all the tourists and are seeking somewhere at which to enjoy a glass of wine? Whatever your preference we are here to help [...]

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