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Visit the Villa Borghese – which Rome Tourist Card can you use?

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The gardens of the Villa Borghese are perhaps one of the best attractions in Rome. The green space is popular with locals and tourists alike.

In summer, people grab a slice of pizza or a gelato and enjoy the vibe. In winter, the gardens are still an excellent place for a stroll.  If you are fed up with museums, shopping and the hustle and bustle of Rome then this is the place to head. On the other hand, if you want to see museums and art you can do that here too!

The former home of the powerful Borghese family – the Borghese Villa – gives its name to this attraction. The local municipality has owned the park since the turn of the 20th Century and it is now one of Rome’s must see attractions.

However, there is more here than a house and some old trees. Read on to find out just what you can see and do in the Villa Borghese. We will also include some hints and tips for using the Rome Tourist Card to navigate the various attractions.

About The Borghese Gardens

This stunning green space is a must see – the best part about it is it is free to access! Starting at the Piazza del Popolo – and also accessible from the Spanish Steps – and spanning 226 acres, the Borghese Gardens make for a fun day out.

Attractions and things to see

Tree covered walkways are edged with sculptures and statues, and there is even a zoo (this is fee paying, adult tickets cost €14 and kids €12).  The Zoo Bioparco hosts a collection of endangered animals and some pretty plants.

The best way to explore the gardens is on foot or by rented bike. You can even join a Borghese Gardens Segway tour if that is more your thing. There are a couple of interesting temples, several ponds and fountains, a café and a kids play area.

But the best part of the Borghese Gardens? Strolling at la Terrazza del Pincio, sitting or lounging about on the lawns, perhaps enjoying a picnic. Its peaceful vibe makes for a much welcome change from the mopeds and vespas that dominate Rome’s streets.

rome tourist card Villa Borghese Garden

The Borghese Gallery visit

This is a fee-paying attraction, and you cannot just show up. A limited number of people are allowed to enter the Villa Borghese – the former home of Cardinal Borghese – to see the Galleries. 360 people are admitted every two hours, so in the peak season and special holidays there is high demand.

You need to reserve in advance, and tickets cost €13 if you do not have a Rome travel pass. The galleries house a spectacular collection of art, sculptures and statues as well as interesting mosaics.

rome tourist card Borghese Gallery

Rome City Passes – which to use for the Villa Borghese

The Omnia Card Rome – and the included Roma Pass – used to offer a great deal for the Villa Borghese. Nowadays they have unfortunately removed the Villa Borghese from the Roma Pass.

Whilst this is very disappointing, there are other passes you can use to help you get the best deal. We recommend the Rome Tourist Card for example. This card gets you a 20% discount off the gate entrance fee to the Villa Borghese AND a whole tonne of extra benefits.

The card even offers a free airport transfer – something the Omnia Card does not – so it is definitely worth a look.

Experience a different option for airport transfers with the Online Travel Card. Reserve your transfer today and enjoy the flexibility of paying later. With the convenience of making your payment directly to the driver, rest assured that your journey will be smooth and hassle-free.

What to expect with the Rome Tourist Card – benefits

The Rome Tourist Pass or Card is a great piece of kit to take with you on any visit to Rome. The card includes discounted access to an overwhelming amount of Rome’s attractions – over 30 big ones in fact.

It boasts skip the line tickets, a hop on hop off bus tour to help get your bearings, and much more. The Rome Tourist Card also includes a handy audio guide that takes you through the main attractions of the Vatican city and will help you plan your trip.

In short, you can expect the pass to make your trip a great deal easier to arrange! Get your pass here.

rome tourist card Hop On Hop Off Bus

Rome Tourist Card – the details

As mentioned, the Rome Tourist Card is a great all rounder for those looking to take in a wide array of Rome’s attractions. It includes 20% off dozens of great attractions and freebies.

About the Omnia Vatican and Roma Pass

It is a little different from the more famous Omnia Vatican and Roma pass. These better  known passes includes access to the Vatican and the Hop On Hop Off Bus, and transport throughout Rome’s public transport network.

The Roma pass will allow you entry into 2 of the top 6, with discounted entry to the rest. So for example, you can visit the Colosseum and Museum of Rome for free, and then pay at a discounted rate to the remainder. Then, head over to the Vatican and use your Omnia Vatican card to access the Papal state.

About the Rome Tourist Card

The Rome Tourist Card (called before Rome City Pass) works differently. There are not many completely free attractions, but a bunch of significantly discounted rates apply to all. The Colosseum is however included. There is a hop on hop off bus included with the card, but it is only available for one day.

One of the benefits of the Rome Tourist Card however is that there is absolutely no time limit at all for using the card! Stay in Rome for a fortnight and you can be enjoying the 20% discounts off a wider range of attractions. You surely could not hit them all with the Omnia Card.

rome tourist card vs omnia card rome Vatican

Here are a few of the best deals with the Rome Tourist Card:

  • Hop On Hop off Bus Tour

This is one of the best value items on the Rome Tourist Card! You will have access to the hop on hop off bus network that will navigate you to the best attractions in Rome. The standard ticket comes with a one day Hop On Hop Off Bus tour. That gives you plenty of time to explore before heading off for a famous Roman pizza!

  • Free entry to the Colosseum and other attractions– and fast track!

Probably what comes to mind when you think about Rome. The Rome Tourist Pass includes access to the Colosseum and an audio guide. Skip the line is available at the Colosseum.

For all other attractions – such as the below, you will receive a 20% discount off the gate price:

o   Castel St Angelo

o   Roman Forum

o   Museum of Rome

o   Borghese Gallery

Note, the Rome Tourist Card standard fare does not include the Vatican City. However, you can purchase it as a bolt on whenever you buy the pass.

rome tourist card colosseum

Who should use the Rome Tourist Card?

Extended holiday makers and budget travellers benefit the most from the Rome Tourist Card

–       Limited queuing and fast track entry at the Colosseum and St Peter’s Basilica. Minimise wait times and pack more in

–       Crucially there is no time limit with the Rome Tourist Card – enjoy it for as long as you like!

–       If you are like me and lose paper all the time, the Rome Tourist Card is perfect – download the pass straight to your phone!

Rome Tourist Card Pricing

Standard Rome Tourist Card Price €
Adult 69.50
Child 6-17 52
Child 0-5 5
Buy your pass
Vatican Bolt On Rome Tourist Card Price €
Adult 101,50
Child 6-17 73
Child 0-5 13.50
Buy your pass


Rome makes its’ Museums very attractive for children and young people, with the majority offering free entry to children under 18. In some instances, youth up to 25 years get great discounted fares. Think carefully of the benefits when purchasing a childrens Rome Tourist Card or the Omnia Pass.
rome tourist card St Peters Square Satican

visit borghese gallery travel tips Tips to make your Rome Tourist Card profitable

The card carries an initial outlay but it does have great benefits

If you are in Rome for an extended stay and plan to see more than the Colosseum and Vatican then this is the one for you. With 20% off the gate entrance on each attraction you are sure to save over a 7 or 14 days vacation

Discount calculation for example:

Villa Borghese €15 – €12

Hop On Hop Off Bus – circa €18 – FREE

Castel St Angelo €14 – €11.20

All in all you would have to see a LOT of attractions to make this pass worth it. If you are a museum or history buff on a long trip this might be the pass for you.

rome tourist card castel sant angelo

Using the Rome Tourist Card to visit the Villa Borghese

So back to the title of this article – is it worth getting the Rome Tourist Pass to visit the Villa Borghese?

If you want to only visit the Villa Borghese, then no. The card would not be worth it, as entry to the gardens is free. However, if you plan to visit a bunch of sites including the Borghese Gallery, then yes, we reckon it is….

How it works

The Rome Tourist Card will get you discounted entry to the Galleria Borghese. You will have to reserve in advance as a limited number of people are allowed in at any one time. But once in, you will have up to two hours to take in the spectacular sights of the Galleria Borghese.

Located within the Villa Borghese, the galleries house a great collection of art and other artefacts. There are some interesting sculptures, mosaics and statues here too, so this is definitely something for art lovers and history enthusiasts alike.

rome tourist card Borghese gallery Gallery Sculptures

Which Travel Card is the best for me? – Rome Tourist Card VS Omnia Card

We have talked about the Rome Tourist Card a lot here, so let’s compare it with the Omnia Pass: which one is best for you:

The Omnia Card is a 72-hour duration, so it is perfect for those visiting Rome on a short trip. It includes free entry to the Colosseum and Vatican, PLUS a three day public transport pass!

You will get access to the metro and bus services of Rome. This is a great benefit, as the hop on hop off bus stops at 6.30pm. At this point, switch to using your travel card for the public transport network.

For who suits the Omnia Card?

We would recommend the Omnia Card for those who have not been to Rome before, as it helps you pack in as many things as possible.

If you have already visited and ticked off the main sights, then the Omnia Card may not bring you as much value. You should get one of the public transport cards instead.

And as mentioned, if you are in Rome for an extended stay then the Rome Tourist Card is much preferable.

omnia card rome borghese gallery

Where to buy the Rome Tourist Card ?

You can get the card online. One of the best benefits of the Rome Tourist Pass is that it is completely paper free! Unlike the Omnia Card you do not need to get it delivered to your door. And you certainly do not need to queue up in Rome to collect it.

Once you have selected the pass, you can choose to add on the Vatican Option and select your arrival airport.

rome tourist card ticketbar

visit borghese gallery travel tips Rome Tourist Card Top Tips and Things to Know

  • You may have the discount offer pass in your hand but remember you do still need to book in advance for the Borghese Galleries
  • You also need to reserve in advance for the Colosseum and Vatican. You can do this via their websites.
  • Be careful if considering to purchase a kids pass – it might not be worth it
    • kids under 9 get free transport on Rome’s metro and buses
    • if they are under 18 they get free access to the Colosseum
    • Under 6 gets free access to the Vatican
  • Skip the line tickets do not mean ZERO queues
    • You will need to queue at the Vatican, although the Skip the Line queue is much shorter
    • Colosseum entry has a queue, but once through the entrance you can swipe your pass and avoid the ticket queue
  • The Borghese galleries are closed on Mondays.
  • The Rome Tourist Card does not include tickets for the public transport network – you will need to buy this separately

So you're convinced? If yes, get your pass online here!

Conclusion to Rome City Pass

The Rome Tourist Card is a great timesaving pass to get if you intend to hit a maximum number of sites over a long stay Rome. If you value your time you will not be disappointed. It offers perhaps just a small saving over buying the maximum number of attractions separately, but for us the biggest seller is time!

Avoid those queues and hit the ground running on your trip to Rome and the Vatican by purchasing the Rome Tourist Card! You will whizz past tired and hot people queuing at the Colosseum, and get fast track entry into the Sistine Chapel. These perks alone, in our opinion, make the Rome Tourist Card worth it.

Let us know how you get on at the Villa Borghese and if the Rome Tourist Card worked out well! Get planning the rest of your trip now by checking out our article on of the best hotels near the Borghese Gallery.

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