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Asclepius Temple in Rome – Villa Borghese Visiting Tips

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The Temple of Asclepius Rome is the beauty of the world. It tends to attract the tourist by its dazzling beauty. It might be true that this place is exotic but the Temple of Asclepius is worth seeing.

The Villa Borghese Park is free to enter. So visiting the Temple of Asclepius don’t require a proper reservation It gives the pleasure to see the eccentric sculptures and temples from every side without the place being crowded. The patterns on the temple walls give a highlighted preview of artistic nature. It cast a dynamic appearance around Rome.

The Temple of Asclepius Rome History

Temple of Asclepius is a unique Roman asset and possesses a unique history. After visiting this ancient Temple, you will embrace the beauty of the place. This temple was built in 290 BC by the ancient Romans.

This was built to tribute the thermal god, Aesculapius, a Greek god. There is a huge spring near the temple which usually sacred the people. It was said that the water of this spring is used to cure diseases.

Many ancient artifacts and ornaments are carved inside the interior of the temple. This whole temple mesmerized you by its escalating beauty. The history of this temple is preserved in its boundaries.

Temple of Asclepius on Tiber Island

Villa Borghese garden

Temple of Asclepius is located on Tiber Island in the Villa Borghese Gardens. This shrine was built in between 1785 to 1792 by the Roman Antonio Asprucci and further, the legacy went to his son Mario Asprucci.

The renowned architect Cristoforo Unterperger laid a helping hand in building this glorified temple. The Temple of Asclepius Tiber Island is among the huge monuments in Roman that depict their culture.

It is one of the few temples that has survived and shines with full beauty. The whole structure and side of the temple shows marvelous work of the architecture and attracts tourists.

Tips for visiting the Temple of Asclepius Rome

Visiting Temple of Asclepius in Rome

Villa Borghese is a lovely place to visit. Get to know the 8 things to see in our essential guide to Villa Borghese here. This nature space invites everyone to go boating around the park. The Temple of Asclepius allows people to take pictures and as well read the history of ancient times.

The temple requires you to have lots of walking but it's love to see everything. You can see many things as a couple or a family. The beautiful lake spread across the temple encourages you to row around it.

It takes only €3 per person to row in the lake and you can see the temple closely. The temple is a place to relax and enjoy nature. The whole area is quiet and beautiful, in the lovely boundaries of the Villa Borghese.

Asclepius Temple Villa Borghese Opening and Closure Hours

The Asclepius Temple of Villa Borghese in Rome, the temple is the memoir of a Greek God. It is a well-created masterpiece around the world. Thousands of visitors each year came to see this adored place.

The opening hours of the Asclepius Temple Villa Borghese are the same as Borghese Gallery hours:

  • Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.
  • The tourist is allowed to enter the Villa Borghese till 5:00 pm.

You can come any time during these opening hours and have to leave the temple by 7:00 pm.

Asclepius Temple Villa Borghese Location and Entrance

Villa Borghese park
asclepius_temple_ villa_borghese

The ancient Temple of Asclepius in Villa Borghese is located in the West bank of the Tiber Island. The place is surrounded by the exotic Galleria Borghese and Piazza Del Popolo. The whole villa is bounded by different beautiful monuments. The way to enter these romantic places is… just walking through!

But, if you'd like to visit the Gallery, keep in mind that you'll need to book ahead. Borghese Galleria is a busy gallery and everyday there is a huge rush of people.

You can get your skip the line ticket online here and make sure to see the Bernini sculptures among others.

Wondering if you'd like to go on a Borghese Gallery audio tour? Honestly it gives a plus. Should you consider a Borghese Gallery guided tour? Well trust me, it's worth it!

Plan Your Visit Now!

Asclepius Temple in Rome

The way to enter the Temple of Asclepius Rome is by visiting the Villa Borghese for free. The place is remarkable and is surrounded by different beautiful places. There are many antique buildings in the world but a truth of the gem of nature resides in the Villa Borghese.

If you'd like to know more about the history of the Borghese family, I recommend you to visit the Gallery. Skip the line tickets can easily be purchased online here. And keep in mind you NEED to book ahead as visits are made on a 2 hours time slot only.

Make sure you've read our Villa Borghese tips to plan your visit the best.


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Who was Aesculapius?

Aesculapius is the Greek God of Medicine and is the son of Apollo. He is taught the art of healing and is good at dealing with medicine. There is a spring near the temple in his memory relating that it would cure all the diseases.

Is the temple of Asclepius in Rome?

The Temple of Asclepius in Rome is located on the Tiber Island. It is present in Rome in the garden of the Villa Borghese. It is the temple of the Greek god Aesculapius.

When did Asclepius enter the Roman world?

The Asclepius entered the Roman world in 293 BC. He was the son of the Greek god Apollo and is mastered in the skill of medicine.

What is Asclepius the god of?

Asclepius is the God of Thermal and has the power to heal the people. He has a higher knowledge of medicine and used it to cure the people. His temple is built in Rome.

Did Rome have temples?

Yes, Rome has many ancient temples and it has an important impact on the history of Rome. The glory of the temples has its beautiful history that makes them unique among other buildings.

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