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How to visit the Villa Borghese Zoo: Ethic and Tickets

The Villa Borghese zoo in Rome is a beautiful place to visit if you have a spare day. It was actually first opened in 1911 and then left to fall into ruin. Only recently has it been renovated and renamed a ‘biopark’. You’ll see all sorts of animals, including big cats, penguins and more. It [...]

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how to visit the villa borghese gardens

How to visit the Villa Borghese Gardens ?

Villa Borghese is the most popular park in Rome, and once you’ve visited the gardens, you’ll understand why. The Borghese Gardens are an oasis of green in the busy city. For locals and tourists alike, they’re a chance to escape the madness of the city centre, and appreciate a mixture of nature, art and history. [...]

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villa medici roma

How to skip the line at the Villa Medicis ?

Villa Medici is a beautiful Italian villa and complex in Rome, Italy. It’s a stunning set of buildings and gardens and could easily be a full day out. There are gardens, fountains, and lots of places to eat nearby. It's within walking distance to the Spanish steps, and there are various guides and tours available [...]

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Borghese Gallery tickets: how to book your visit

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bernini sculptures

Bernini Sculptures and Caravaggio Masterpieces: Discover the Borghese Gallery

The Borghese Gallery is one of the top attractions in Rome for any art lover. It’s home to several masterpieces by world-famous Renaissance, Roman and Baroque artists. From Bernini sculptures to Caravaggio paintings, you can admire some of the greatest masterpieces in the world. Here’s everything you need to know about the masterpieces exhibited in [...]

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Essential Guide to Villa Borghese: 8 Things To See

Villa Borghese is the most beautiful garden in Rome, with a number of impressive water fountains, a lake and beautifully kept green space. But there’s more to see than just gardens in Villa Borghese. Within the gardens there are several museums, buildings and even a zoo to keep the whole family entertained. In this essential [...]

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Why is the Borghese Gallery a top attraction in Rome?

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