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Piazza Siena Villa Borghese – A Guide to the International Horse Show

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Constructed in the late 18th century, the Piazza Siena was commissioned by a Borghese Prince – Marcantonio IV. He named the outdoor space after his home town of Siena. There, a square called the Piazza del Campo was a centerpoint. The Siena Piazza was created to resemble this town square.

Piazza di Siena History

Since its creation, the square has been used for numerous events. But it is mostly famous for being the host of an international horse show. The first competition was held in the square in 1922 as a one off.

However, the setting was so beautiful that by 1926 the square was added to the International Equestrian Federations list of annual events. Set within the beautiful surroundings of the Villa Borghese, the show has taken place pretty much every year since 1929 – with a few exceptions.

Siena Piazza Buildings

Piazza di Senna buildings

The Piazza Siena is one of the largest squares within the Villa Borghese complex. Surrounded by trees and fountains, the square is a pleasant place to explore.

You will find the Fontana dei Pupazzi here. As far as buildings are concerned, there are a few interesting places of note.

La Casina di Raffaello is a cool little children’s entertainment house with interactive things to do, as well as a bookshop.

On the opposite end, the Casino dell'Orologio museum is also with a look. Some other interesting structures include the Temple of Diana and the Temple of Antonino E Faustina.

You are never far from a mansion near the Piazza di Siena Rome!

Details about Piazza di Siena Horse Show

Horse show Sienna piazza Villa Borghese

Let’s talk about the real reason for which the Piazza di Siena is famous. The horse show! Held annually in May, many international teams compete. The event usually takes place over several days. Polo competitions, obstacle courses and parading make up the bulk of the attraction.

The participants are famous show jumpers from across the world – and it is quite an event. And what a location. The oval shaped pitch – which has recently been re-grassed – is a spectacular place for the show.

And off the track, the evening gala is stuffed full of Italy’s best dressed and most stylish socialites.

Getting Piazza di Siena tickets 2023

Good news for you – it is free of charge to visit the Siena Piazza horse race. There is a smaller stand which has paid places, and you can also reserve private tables for a fee.

But, if you are happy enough with a picnic blanket and a seat on the grass you won’t need to pay a penny!

If you want to book some of the paid for seating, then contact the official site here.

How to get there? – Siena Piazza Map

Take a look here at the Siena Piazza Map to get your bearings

To get to the Villa Borghese Gardens there are plenty of options:

  • From Termini, take the 910 bus. It’s about a 15/20 minute journey from here to the Villa Borghese.
  • However, it is such a short distance from Termini central train station that you could walk, or take a taxi.The nearest metros are Spagna or Flaminio, noting these are both about a 25 minute walk away.

What to do around the Villa Borghese Gardens

Piazza di Siena Villa Borghese gallery sculpture

Of course, if there is no horse show on you won’t want to spend that long staring at the empty track. Once you have explored the immediate surroundings, check out the rest the beautiful Borghese Gardens have on offer.

  • The Borghese Gallery of course. Do not miss this stunning collection. You must reserve a ticket in advance – check out our complete guide to all you need to know about the Gallery Borghese here today!
  • Rent a bike. Or roller skates ! Or go-karts! Great fun if you are travelling with the kids. Check our article to find the best Borghese Gardens tour here
  • There is actually a tethered hot air balloon in the park! Do it for some amazing views!
  • Grab a gelato from the stalls and relax!

Frequently asked questions – The Piazza Sienna, Rome

faq visit borghese gallery blog

Where is Siena Piazza located in Rome?

You’ll find the famous horse racing track of the Siena Piazza within the grounds of the Villa Borghese.

Why is Piazza di Senna Rome famous?

The oval shaped plaza is famous for its annual horse show, attended by the Italian glitterati and famous show jumpers from around the world . Check out images of Siena Piazza online to get a feel for the setting.

Is there parking at the Villa Borghese?

Yes indeedy. The underground carpark can be found at Viale Del Galoppatoio, 33. By the way, if you are going to be driving in Rome, check out our hints and tips on how to do it safely.


We hope you’ve got enough information now on this nice place to spend an hour or too. Send us your pictures if you get the chance to visit the horse show! And of course, we are always here to help you plan the rest of your trip!

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