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Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome: All about Macro Rome

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If you’re in Rome for any extended period of time, you might decide you want a break from ancient Roman art. There are a couple of options in Rome for modern art, including the MAXXI Rome, and the subject of this article – the MACRO Rome

The Museum of Modern Art in Rome is – as the name suggests – a museum of contemporary art in Rome. You won't find the collections in one traditional building however. The works are kept in 2 separate locations.

One is in Testaccio on the Piazza Orazio Giustiniani. The other – the main building – you will find in an old brewery on the Via Nizza. The museum prides itself on bringing modern art to the locals, and promotes local engagement in it’s interactive spaces.

A Short History of Museum of Modern Art in Rome

The former Peroni brewery became the site of choice for the first installation of works. The building was refurbished towards the end of the 90’s. This allowed the first exhibition to open in 2002, and is the main building to visit.

It covers almost 14,000 square metres, with exhibition space, bookshop and cafe. The building was expanded by architect Odile Decq, who linked old space (just under 4000 square metres) and new spaces together. A year later, the Macro Roma Museum expanded to an old slaughterhouse a few miles away.

What to see at National Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome

Macro Rome building inside

The Macro Rome focusses the collections on works completed since 1960. These include Italy’s most famous modern artists. The MACRO Roma museum offers a mix of both permanent and rotating exhibitions, as well as events for children.

In 2018 the museum was redesigned to try to involve the local community. This means there are workshops, performance spaces and other places where locals can meet and become involved.

The most famous artists at the Macro Rome

You’ll be able to check out paintings and works from Piero Dorazio, Sarah Ciracì and Giovanni Albanese amongst other big names.

The most famous artworks at the Macro Rome

This national gallery of modern art in Rome is known for being a showcase of some of the most important movements in the genre. This includes Arte Povera and Forma 1 amongst others.

Where to get Macro Museum Rome Tickets

Macro Rome building outside

Since 2020 you don’t need any tickets to enter this museum of modern art in Rome! It’s an interesting free thing to do, however only if you are really interested in modern art.

Let’s face it – the majority of visitors to Rome come for the ancient art and Roman ruins. If you do wish to visit the Macro free of charge you will need to reserve online in advance.

Macro Rome Opening Hours

Opening hours Days
Tuesday - Thursday 11am - 8pm
Friday - Saturday 11am - 10pm
Sunday 11am - 8pm
Monday Closed

How to get to Museum of Modern Art in Rome

The national museum of contemporary art of Rome is a little out of the way. You’ll need to take bus line 90 from just outside Termini station. Make sure you are on the direction to “Labia” and ride the bus for 3 stops, alighting at Nomentana/Regina Margherita.

Facilities at the Macro

Restaurant modern art

The museum on the Via Nizza has a restaurant and a bar. Perfect for a quick cup of coffee or even lunch.

The restaurant is run by Nicolai Ricevimenti and is open from 1pm to 3pm daily, closed on Saturday. It is located on the top floor and you can dine on the terrace in the summer. The bar is open Monday to Friday from 11am to 6pm.

The bookstore is open daily from 11am, closed Mondays. It offers a wide selection of books and other stationary focused on modern artists and the history of modern art in Italy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the most asked questions we have received about the Macro Rome.

Where is Macro Rome located?

The main building of the Macro Rome is located on the Via Nizza. There is a secondary building located in Testaccio on the Piazza Orazio Giustiniani.

Why is Macro Rome famous?

The MACRO Rome is famous for the architecture of its building and as being a focal point for the local community to enjoy modern art.

How big is Macro Rome?

The main campus of the museum on the Via Nizza is almost 14000 square metres. It was expanded from the original Peroni building structure of about 4000 square metres.

When was Macro Rome built?

The Via Nizza building was built from a refurbished Peroni factory and opened to the public in 2002.

Who is the Macro museum Rome architect?

Odile Decq was tasked with the expansion of the museum - including the new spaces and the rehabilitation of the old building. Many of the exhibitions and collections are still housed in the former older building. This is known for its industrial feeling, whereas the new building is very modern.

Is there parking at the Macro museum Rome?

The Via Nizza building has private parking spaces beginning from €2 per hour, maximum 3 hours. There are also 3 disabled spaces for visitors.


A trip to the Macro Rome is worth it if you want a break from the many interesting sights of ancient Rome. It’s also a free attraction, so perfect for those on a budget. The Via Nizza is a little out of town, so be prepared to use public transport if you are not driving in Rome. If you want to work out what type of city pass also includes free transport, check out our guide on which Rome Tourist Card can you use.

Those who visit state the building itself if remarkable, however they do mention that there is a lack of layout map that could be helpful for understanding the exhibitions. If that bothers you, perhaps you could book a guided tour of the museum so you don’t miss anything of significance.

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