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Casina Valadier Restaurant Rome to chill out at Sunset

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Casina Valadier Restaurant in Rome is one of the fine dining that sparkles the evening. The beautiful design shady terrace presents the grand view of the whole city. The most desirable Italian dining that shows the full montage of city rooftops.

The place is perfect for every kind of business meeting, marriages, lunches, events, and other functions. The grand hall is highly elegant and can easily accommodate a huge number of people.

The heart of the beauty Casina Valadier is present in the Villa Borghese. It attracts tourists as well as locals because of its elegance and beauty.

Casina Valadier Rome Italy History

Casina Valadier Rome, Italy was built between 1816 and 1837 by the dignified architect Giuseppe Valadier. The Casina Valadier Restaurant in Rome, Italy is considered one of the best around the world.

Casina Valadier's history is 200 years ago and it sees a great variation of success and decline. In 1990, it became the most popular dining restaurant in Italy. In 2004, the new interior of Pompeian-style painting was done to reinstate its charm and splendor.

Specialty of Casina Valadier Villa Borghese

Casina Valadier in Rome

The Casina Valadier is now managed by the known entrepreneurs and Montefusco family.

The fine-dining restaurant of Villa Borghese offers a great variety of food. It also hosts many functions and is the best place to stop for a lunch. Casina Valadier is the embodiment of the perfect glance where you feel the blessing of “Roman Holiday”.

The windows of the Ristorante Vista offers a full view of the city lights. It is designed to attract the Romans to get relief of stress and to outbreak social life. You can feel the panoramic stance and by seeing it with your eyes.

Dine and Enjoy in Casina Valadier

Casina Valadier night bar

The Chill Bar

The bar is all about holding the best wine and living the moment. Upon entry, you will see the Chill Bar in Casina Valadier that is surrounded by tables.

The place offers the best cocktail after and before dinner. With its exquisite style, the bar is bounded by a vivacious ceiling and walls.

  • The Chill Bar is closed on Mondays and open from 7pm to 2am till Tuesday to Sunday.

The Caffè del Pincio

On the same floor, there is Caffè Del Pincio. The attractive bar offers a wide range of food for lunch, breakfast, and brunch. It is an informal set up to enlighten the customers.

  • The Cafe is closed on Mondays and open from 11.30am to 5pm till Tuesday to Sunday

The Vista Restaurant

The top floor presents the huge Vista Restaurant, a compact place having a separate small dining room. The dining is so special and the staff makes sure that you would leave with an unforgettable experience.

Casina Valadier Restaurant Menu

Dinner at open restaurant

The Casina Valadier Restaurant Menu presents a wide variety of food for every cuisine. With the expert chef having the experience of 30 years, they are incorporated in the restaurant to make elegant dishes. Italian cuisine is lavishing with a balance of every ingredient.

The menu presents the Starter, First Course then Main Course and Dessert. Different types of meals with a variety of proposals are offered at the restaurant.

  • Starter of Seafood and Meat cost €22 to €32
  • Pasta and Risotto in First Course cost €22 to €26
  • Main Course cost €32 to €38
  • Desserts cost €15

Vegetarians and other foods are also offered at reasonable prices.

Different business lunch was also given at 2-Course Meal Deals.

With the flamboyant of happiness, the wine is also as good as the food.

  • Closed on Mondays
  • Opening from Tuesday to Friday: 7.30pm – 11pm / Saturday and Sunday: 12.30pm – 3pm, 7.30pm – 11pm
Days Opening times
Tuesday - Friday 7:30 pm - 11 pm
Saturday & Sunday 12:30 pm - 3 pm: 7:30pm - 11 pm
Monday Closed

Casina Valadier Immersive Show Dinner

The magnificent and immersive show dinner in Casina Valadier is the talk of the town. Casina Valadier is the only choice for the big gala dinners in Italy. The delighted service and the whole structure creates a marvelous event for an exquisite dinner.

It is one of the most desirable restaurants of the Villa Borghese and is considered one of the romantic spots.

visit borghese gallery travel tips Tip: The immersive room is arranged to make your events memorable and unique food is served. It is the new pattern in Italy that is hosted by the Immersive Dining Room for the business and corporate events.

Exclusive New Years Eve Party

Garden at Casina Valadier

Casina Valadier is one of the great places for New Year Eve in Rome for its dynamic offers. The highest point of the Pincio Hill has delighted the whole place for the ambiance of the New Year's Eve.

The event shows the class and charm that lures the tourist to celebrate in the event. Casina Valadier New Year’s Eve is the word of mouth due to its elegance and style. It welcomes the evening with the cocktail and ends on champagne. The antic hall hears a beautiful melody all night.

To enjoy the party there, you’ll need to make your Casina Valadier night reservation way ahead!

Your dream wedding there

Casina Valadier is the best wedding location in Rome and is considered as the fairy tale fantasy wedding. Many people around the world chose this location for their marriage venues.

Its antique appearance and dynamic setting, the view of the city rooftops, and the service make its difference among others. It offers a refined wedding for couples.

Casina Valadier's wedding cost is reasonable and affordable. For a day wedding party or reception, it would cost only €130. There is no such exquisite place that offers the grand function at this price.

So, Casina Valadier is the best proposal for the marriage. You won’t leave without having spent a memorable evening there.

Booking & Contact Details

The entrance at restaurant

Please refer to the official website to book a lunch or dinner there, as well as to book one of the great events of the place:

  • Official Website
  • Address: La Grande Cucina S.p.A. – Piazza Bucarest, Villa Borghese – 00187 Roma
  • Tel (+39) 06 69922090 / Fax (+39) 06 6791280
  • Email:

How to get there

The Casina is located in the center of one of the most tourist attractions: the Villa Borghese. It stands on the highest suburb of the Pincian Hill. The restaurant is surrounded by huge Villa Borghese gardens and is away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

visit borghese gallery travel tips Tip: There are other nearby locations like Piazza del Popolo, Museo Carlo Bilotti, Silvano Toti Globe Theater, and Scalinata di Trinita dei Monti in suburbs of Casina Valadier.

You can easily find transport from these places and reach the destination. These are the nearly location where public transport is available. People can stop to any of the place like Piazza del Apollo to reach the restaurant.


faq visit borghese gallery blog

Is Casina Valadier open all year long?

Yes, it is open all year long. It is only closed on Monday and opens till Tuesday to Sunday.

How to book at Casina Valadier?

You can book on their website or book the reservation from our website.

Can I take a drink at sunset in Casina Valadier?

Yes, you can. There is a perfect place to enjoy the view of the sunset.

Is there access for the disabled?

Yes, it provides access to the disabled. Proper tables are designed to help them sit properly.

Do I need a reservation for lunch or dinner?

Yes, you need a reservation for dinner and it can easily be done by our website.

Can I ask for a vegetarian/vegan menu?

Yes, you can ask for a vegan menu. But for that, you have to pay an extra price.

Casina Valadier dress code, what to wear?

The dress code here is business casual. But of course, the place is delighted to welcome guests dressed in stylish but not formal clothing. Casina Valadier prefers the guest to wear smart business dresses in the normal way. However, it also allows the guest to wear stylish dresses and not formal dresses.

Plan the Visit at Casina Valadier

If you are eager to visit the Casina Valadier, then this website caters to your demand. It provides the best plan for visiting the Casina Valadier. Moreover, we also help you in getting the reservation at any time. The purpose is to provide you the extreme lavishing food at Casina Valadier according to your choice.

Oh! And make sure to stop at Borghese Gallery, one of the top attraction in Rome!

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